Estero is a wonderful place to sea kayak.  The Gulf offers surf, wind, and waves.  The back bay offers protected quiet water that is usually less than three feet deep.  Lover's Key offers the opportunity to travel among the mangroves.  It is easy to see pelicans and many other tropical birds.  Many pods of porpoises travel the back bay.  In a kayak they will come right up to you.  It also possible to see the endangered manatee.

















Because there are so many protected areas to paddle and the water is shallow, this is a good place to introduce new people to the sport.  Outfitters can help fit you to a canoe or kayak and they offer instruction.





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There is a clearly marked trail that will guide you to Mound Key, the Matanzas Pass Preserve, Lover's Key and other areas of interest. There is even a free APP for the blueway if you have a smartphone.  There are numerous instructors and outfitters willing to help you learn the sport.  To learn more about the blueway click here.











I usually launch off the beach and store my boat on my roof rack.  I recommend having a kayak with a rudder.  Most of the time it is not needed, but when the tide is running and a wind is blowing you will appreciate it.









The area is also great for canoes. Once you get on the water in the back bay or Lover's Key you'll begin to experience the real Florida, often missed by tourists.

























One of our our favorite trips is to Mound Key.  You can see Mound Key from our Condo.  Most people don't realize they are viewing the capitol city of one of the greatest Indian civilizations in North America.  These are the Calusa Indians who killed the explorer Ponce de Leon while he was searching for the Fountain of Youth.

If you are interested in archeology, visit our links section and you'll learn about the Calusas and Mound Key.





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We recommend this book by Nigel Foster.  He has identified many trips and areas of interest in Southern Florida.

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